Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved and become a better steward of our coastal assets.   

Get Educated- Attend workshops, seminars, symposiums and conferences that address coastal environmental issues.

Get Involved- Become aware of what your local government is doing to promote responsible development practices, manage storm-water runoff, and conserve fragile habitats. Offer your services on environmental boards or committees.

Get Vocal- Comment responsibly on environmental impact statements, draft and final restoration plans, community development plans and other documents that impact the environment.

Get Motivated- Join in the many volunteer efforts to clean up, monitor, and replant areas of the estuary. Seek opportunities to serve your community.

Get to know US- Become familiar with the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program and support it financially, as advocates, and as volunteers.

Donate to the Coastal Estuary Restoration Fund!

Make sure to designate your donation to the Coastal Estuary Restoration Fund.