Litter Gitter Collecting Trash on D’Olive Creek

By Guy Busby

DAPHNE – Don Bates pointed to a bucket of moldy plastic and Styrofoam sitting on the bridge over D’Olive Creek. The trash was collected during a test of a small-stream litter collection device in D’Olive Creek. “That was with no rain,” he said. “When it rains, these things will have a lot more than that.” The device, known as a “Litter Gitter,” is now deployed in the creek upstream from the Gator Alley boardwalk and will be used to intercept floating litter from storm water runoff. Bates, the owner of Osprey Initiative, which developed the Litter Gitter, said 10 of the devices are now in place in Three-Mile Creek and three in Dog River in Mobile County. Another trap is being used in Foley. He said initial tests indicate a 95-percent success rate in preventing the downstream loss of floating litter.

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