Three Mile Creek Watershed

Three Mile Creek and its surrounding watershed present an extraordinary opportunity for the Cities of Mobile and Prichard to turn what is now a community liability, due to its degraded condition, into a community amenity and a waterway destination. Throughout the process of developing this Watershed Management Plan (WMP), public input regarding the restoration of Three Mile Creek was incredibly supportive, particularly to make Three Mile Creek an accessible recreational destination. Three Mile Creek suffers from the negative effects of stormwater runoff  including trash/litter; bacteria from sewage (i.e., pathogens); excessive amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilizers (i.e., nutrients); and erosion (i.e., sediments in the water). The purpose of this Watershed Management Plan (WMP) is to document the current state of water quality and ecological impairment. Objectives of this planning include:

You can review the final Watershed Management Plan and all Appendices below or in our Library of Documents.

Three Mile Creek Watershed Management Plan

Three Mile Creek Watershed Management Plan Summary

Toulmins Spring Branch Stormwater Management StudyMaharam Dukua

Maharam Dakua served in Mobile, Alabama as part of the U.S. State Department’s Community Solutions Program.  For the past four-months, Maharam joined an Auburn University team hired by MBNEP to work in the Toulminville area of the Three-Mile Creek Watershed. This project aimed at developing a model to help Mobile County and city planners make science based decisions related to capital improvement budgets for infrastructure maintenance. His primary role was to learn about community concerns related to flooding and water pollution by engaging the residents in learning about best practices for managing and reducing water volumes and other sources of pollution. Maharam created a presentation to reflect his work within the Toulmins Spring Branch of the Three Mile Creek Watershed. 

Toulmins Spring Branch: Stormwater Management - Maharam Dakua