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A final Watershed Management Plan for the Bayou La Batre/Mississippi Sound Watershed has been released. Click here to download the final plan. Click here to download the Appendix.

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Bayou La Batre Watershed Hydrologic Modeling Report, 2020
Bayou La Batre Watershed Sedimentation and Water Quality Analysis Report, 2016
Project Status - Quarterly Report
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A Watershed Management Plan is an essential first step in preserving water quality in a relatively pristine, tidally-influenced watershed and mitigating the impacts of future development pressures. The watershed planning process utilizes a stakeholder led process to characterize existing conditions, identify and prioritize problems, define management objectives, and develop and implement protection or remediation strategies as necessary. 

The Mobile Bay National Estuary Program has awarded the WMP contract to a consultant, The Dewberry Group, who will work with Parker-Martin Consulting Group on the public participation activities. A diverse Steering Committee has been appointed to guide the planning process. This committee, which represents a broad range of interests in the watershed, is a working group that will serve as advocates for Bayou La Batre and helps make recommendations about the process and the substance of the vision.

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