Three Mile Creek Watershed

Three Mile Creek and its surrounding watershed present an extraordinary opportunity for the Cities of Mobile and Prichard to turn what is now a community liability, due to its degraded condition, into a community amenity and a waterway destination. Throughout the process of developing this Watershed Management Plan (WMP), public input regarding the restoration of Three Mile Creek was incredibly supportive, particularly to make Three Mile Creek an accessible recreational destination. Read more...

The Vision for Three Mile Creek
Three Mile Creek Watershed Management Plan
Case Statement


Latest News

February 4, 2021: RFP-Undertake Control Measures to Eradicate the Invasive Island Apple Snail from the Municipal/Langan Park Lakes
January 26, 2021: 12 Mile Creek Headwater Restoration Project; Design Specifications Addendum No. 1
January 20, 2021: 12 Mile Creek Headwaters Restoration Project NTC RE-ISSUANCE Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting
January 8, 2021RE-ISSUANCE - Notice to Contractors 12 Mile Creek Headwaters Restoration Project
March 20, 2019: Mobile’s Three Mile Creek undergoing dramatic renovation - Yellow Hammer News 

Latest Uploads

2021 - Langan Park Lakes Apple Snail Control Documentation
2020 -Three Mile Creek Watershed Restoration Status of Activities
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2019-Three Mile Creek Watershed Invasive Species Control Plan
2018-60% Engineering and Design for Twelve Mile Creek Headwater Restoration Project
Twelve Mile Creek Outreach Meeting
Twelve Mile Creek Property Owner Access Agreement
RFQ: Invasive Species Control Plan for the Three Mile Creek Watershed (revised 1/2/2018)
RFQ Questions: Invasive Species Control Plan for the Three Mile Creek Watershed (updated 1/19/2018)
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2016-Flood Control in Toulmins Spring Branch Watershed through LID Practices
2016-Water Quality Report for Toulmins Spring Branch Watershed
Prichard Drainage Study-Toulmins Spring Branch and Gum Tree Branch
City of Mobile Stormwater Management Plan
Monitoring & Research Studies

The Purpose

The purpose of this Watershed Management Plan (WMP) is to document the current state of water quality and ecological impairment. 

The Goals

     1. Improve water quality
     2. Protect and improve the health of fish and wildlife
     3. Provide access to resources
     4. Restore heritage and cultural connection between the watershed and community
     5. Plan and prepare for climate resiliency

The Objectives

     1. Develop 12.3 miles of continuous greenway and restore natural channels and riparian buffer where feasible
     2. Develop a strategy for implementing Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) in coordination with the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM)
     3. Achieve State water quality standards for warm water fisheries
     4. Eliminate all known illicit connections/sanitary inputs
     5. Reduce amount of trash in waterways by 75%
     6. Maintain design level of service for flood protection from USACE dams
     7. Install environmental education signage in six existing or proposed parks

Additional Three Mile Creek Watershed Information

The Landscape
The Community
The Planning
The Restoration


For more information please contact:
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