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A Watershed Management Plan (WMP) is an essential first step in improving water quality in a watershed and mitigating the impacts of future development pressures. It provides documentation of existing environmental conditions and challenges while offering a vision and strategy for protecting the physical, chemical, and biological integrity for wildlife and human uses. The WMP will help us to understand the condition of the watersheds, to promote opportunities to ensure its long-term health, and to ensure that the public will be able to enjoy it for generations to come.

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August 5, 2020: Thank you to everyone in attendance during last week's Mobile Bay Western Shoreline Assessment and Opportunities virtual community meeting. We hope the material was useful and informative regarding the western shore of Mobile Bay. In conjunction with Dr. Bret Webb and the MBNEP, we were privileged to facilitate the meeting to discuss the importance of the western shore and potential opportunities that could be integrated into the Western Shore Watershed Management Plan. If you were unable to attend, we have shared the recording of the virtual meeting using the link below. Following the sign-in page, the video will begin and can be viewed at your own pace. https://gmcplanning.com/WesternShoreline. If you would like a copy of the presentation, please contact Kelley Barfoot, kbarfoot@mobilebaynep.com.

During the conclusion of the meeting, several questions were discussed that required additional follow-up. Below are those resources and responses:

If you wish to be involved further with the Western Shore Watershed Management Plan process, which resulted in this virtual community meeting on the western shore, please visit the planning website.  

January 15, 2020: Western Shore StoryMap, click here to enter and Tell Us What You Think!

Join us in development of the WESTERN SHORE Watershed Management Plan, which includes the watersheds of Garrows Bend, Deer River, and Delchamps Bayou! We need your input because THOSE WHO LIVE IT, KNOW IT! T

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 More info: contact Kelley Barfoot (251) 380-7943.