Mon Louis Island Tip Restoration

The tip of Mon Louis Island at the mouth of Fowl River is a habitat-rich eight-acre peninsula which has receded to a point of incredible vulnerability to storms, with only a berm of common reed holding the scarped shoreline in place and only 65 feet between the Bay shore and a lee-side embayment used by commercial boats. MBNEP installed a 1500-foot rock revetment along the shoreline’s 1995 footprint, then pumped sandy material from an offshore disposal site inside the rock, sculpted a tidal creek with excavators, and planted with native vegetation to create more than four new acres of productive salt marsh and fishery habitat.

The projects rock revetment not only protects the existing and created wetlands, it also protects upstream interests, including the Pelican Reef restaurant and marina and the Fowl River residential community from the impacts expected had the island’s northern tip been decimated by the effects of storm surge, winds, and waves leaving a much broader Bayfront river mouth.