Program Results

Restoration of D'Olive Creek Between I-10 and US-90

CCMP Implementation Status Report

To ensure proper management of National Estuary Programs and progress toward achieving the locally defined environmental goals of a CCMP, EPA is required to periodically conduct an evaluation, or review. of implementation progress. These program reviews provide an opportunity for an NEP to highlight successes and strengths, identify and address areas for program improvement, and demonstrate how stakeholder commitments and community support are being maintained and increased. In addition, these reviews provide EPA with mechanisms for assessing the extent to which the agency has provided the support financial, technical, and programmatic- in furtherance of the program’s success, locally and as a whole. 

Implementation Status Report

Respect the Connect: A Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan
2020 - Implementation Status Report  Oct. 1, 2013 – Sept. 30, 2018  (PDF, 5MB)

Mobile Bay National Estuary Program List of Presentations, Conferences and Tours 2013-2018 (PDF, 131KB)

Mobile Bay National Estuary Program US EPA Section 320 Grant award CE‐00D09513 Final Closeout Report (PDF, 171KB)