Project Implementation Committee

The purpose of this committee is to bring together resource management agencies and organizations to undertake environmental restoration and education projects.  In the past year, the “PIC” began to hold joint meetings with the Coastal Alabama Clean Water Partnership to align efforts. Made up of resource managers or those who "put shovels in the ground," the Project Implementation Committee engages in the following:

  1. Assess restoration needs and resources and prioritize watershed and project accordingly.
  2. Uses sediment analyses and watershed planning as a basis for conducting restoration activities.
  3. Identifies projects and plan for their implementation (i.e., water quality monitoring, habitat conservation, restoration and protection, data management, plan access, etc.).
  4. Identifies tasks and citizen input mechanisms to be implemented.
  5. Conducts periodic project status meetings to track progress.
  6. Cooperatively identifies tasks/roles for MBNEP in addressing issues or galvanizing action.

Meeting Information
February 15, 2017: AgendaMinutes
August 18, 2016:
     Presentations: OverviewWatershed Management Plan UpdateLake Forest Mapping Study
May 31, 2016:
     Presentations: Watershed Management Plan UpdateEESLR-NGOM Project: Getting Access
February 18, 2016:
     Presentations: OverviewWatershed Planning Update
     U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Interagency Working Group
     U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Alabama Barrier Island Restoration