Hydrodynamic Modeling of Mobile Bay by South Coast Engineers

A state-of-the-art numerical hydrodynamic model was used to evaluate the impact of a proposed headland pocket beach system on the tidal flows. This analysis was critically important because of the most productive oyster reefs in the state immediately offshore. The model results indicated that the proposed structures will not significantly influence the tidal flows at the oyster reefs. South Coast Engineers has designed the coastal engineering aspects of the proposed headland pocket beach system at this location to preserve the only sandy shoreline along the western side of Mobile Bay with public access.

The basic simulation shown in each video is for a representative month (the first 8 days not shown in videos due to numerical spinup requirements) with typical tides and typical river inflows. The primary boundary conditions driving the estimates of tides and velocities shown are the tidal elevation at the circular arc shown in the Gulf of Mexico in the “Bay” level zoom and the river flows entering the bay from the north. It should be noted that there is a “neap” tide condition near day #20 of each simulation which is visible in the videos.