Education and Public Involvement

Watershed-based, grassroots organizations are the cornerstone of community-based efforts to promote the wise stewardship of the water quality and living resources of Alabama’s estuarine waters. The mission of the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program is to provide the necessary tools to support those efforts through the delivery of:

  • Field trips highlighting coastal issues and possibilities.
  • Outreach and awareness campaigns.
  • Decision-support tools and educational opportunities.
  • Volunteer engagement in hands-on learning and stewardship experiences.
  • Building a strong team of citizen scientists to provide robust data on environmental conditions

These activities cultivate stewardship by connecting people to coastal habitats and waterways and the issues impacting them. The Community Action Committee (CAC) and the Community Resources Committee (CRC) are committed to engaging residents and visitors in promoting the wise stewardship of things people value most about living in coastal Alabama:

  • Access to the water and open spaces for recreation and vistas.
  • Healthy Beaches and Shorelines for our recreation, economy, and beauty.
  • Fish and Wildlife habitats, abundance, and related livelihoods.
  • Heritage and Culture promoting our area’s historic identity and protecting this legacy for future generations.
  • Environmental and Community Resilience so the capacity of human and natural systems can rebound from unforeseen events.
  • Water Quality to ensure Alabama’s rivers, creeks, and bays are fishable and swimmable.