Fibonnacci comes to Bays and Bayous!

Fibonacci is coming to Bays and Bayous! In a manner of speaking. Check out the design for our symposium! Michael Swiger of Swiger Studio in Gulf Shores, AL conceptualized our theme of "Finding Balance: Ecology, Economy, and Community" using nature's own Fibonacci Spiral.

The spiral can be seen in shells, flowers, weather patterns, galaxies, and even in the shape of the human ear. Read more about Fibonacci in nature in the article How Many Times Have You Spotted Fibonacci In Nature?

Be sure to register for the Bays and Bayous Symposium if you have not done so! We will explore five tracks: Understanding Coastal Ecosystems, Improving Coastal Management, Strengthening Coastal Landscapes, Sharing Coastal Knowledge, and Emerging Coastal Issues, each promoting scientific exploration and community understanding. The event will be January 24-25, 2023.