Creek Fest 2021

CreekFest 2021

You won’t believe how much this year’s CreekFest is bigger and better than ever!!! Hosted by the 3Mile Creek and the City of Mobile: Parks & Recreation on:***Sat. June 12th 10am-3pm*** TRICENTENNIAL PARK


Students helping restore critical Alabama shoreline - Alabama Newscenter

"The restoration and preservation of Lightning Point, one of Alabama’s most iconic and important coastal habitats, is getting a big boost thanks to the efforts of some area high school students and volunteers.


World's rarest sea turtle makes appearance on Alabama beach during egg laying season

You’re looking at photos (taken in the just the past few days) of the world’s most endangered species of sea turtle— the Kemp’s Ridley— making her voyage up the Alabama sands to lay eggs in hopes of creating the next generation of her kind. Part of the work of the MBNEP is the creation of Plans—scientific blueprints—based on years of research to guide the wise care and stewardship of our coastal waters, animals, and all the natural resources that exist here.

Eastern Shore News

The Eastern Shore: An Ecological and Cultural Treasure and Our Plan to Protect It

How many of you remember what the Eastern Shore of the Bay was like— many years ago— when it was just a few small coastal communities? The natural beauty of the Bay, its Watersheds and world-renowned Jubilees— the Grand Hotel overlooking it all— were even then known to be national treasures. For those of us too young to remember, if you think Fairhope and Daphne are beautiful now, check out this short film for a brief look at what it was like in day’s past.

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Wheelchair-accessible mats now available at Dauphin Island's West End Beach

Recently, the MBNEP had the honor of presenting to the citizens of Coastal Alabama a new way for those with physical challenges to get out on the beach and into the sand— two extensive ADA/wheelchair compliant beach mats on the north and south sides of the western end of Dauphin Island. The project is a collaboration with the Town of Dauphin Island and the Krewe of Kindness, a disability-affirming organization.

ADA Mats

ADA Mats to be Installed on the Western End of Dauphin Island

Coming soon to the western end of Dauphin Island! One of the core values of the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program is Access. That means we help provide the tools to create better and more opportunities for people and their families to use and enjoy our waterways. At the MBNEP, we know that easy access to the water should be available to everyone, regardless of the physical differences between us.