The Alabama Adopt-A-Mile Program

Since 1988, Alabama PALS has partnered with the Alabama Department of Transportation to coordinate the Alabama Adopt A Mile Program. Over 1,900 miles of Alabama roadways are being cleaned and maintained by volunteers in every corner of Alabama. This statewide program is truly a testament to the saying "We Are Making A Difference."

Adopt A Mile signs with the participating group name are provided through ALDOT, as well as trash bags for each cleanup. All applications and forms are sent to the PALS office for processing. Online applications can be filled out by going to ALPALS.ORG. Upon completion of all paperwork, PALS print the Adopt A Mile signs and coordinates the erection of signs through the respective ALDSOT District office. If the sign is to be erected on a State of US Highway, ALDOT will erect eh sign for the adoptee. If the mile is on a county road or highway, ALDOT provides the sign, but the erecting of the sign is the responsibiity of the respective county.

All signs, safety vests, bags and posts are provided at no cost to each adoptee.

The participation in this and other volunteer programs save the taxpayers of Alabama millions of dollars each year in cleanup costs.

If you would like to join Adopt-A-Mile, you can read more about it, and fill out the online application. If you prefer a written application, please call Alabama PALS at 1-800-ALAPALS.

***Please Note***

You can fill in the online application, then print and fax or mail the application to

Alabama PALS

340 North Hull Street

Montgomery, AL 36104

(334) 263-7737

In State Watts Line (800) ALAPALS

Fax Line (334) 832-9400