Stormwater Information

Stormwater Runoff is a Big Problem

As subdivisions pop up along our rapidly developing coast, stormwater runoff becomes a big problem in our communities. What were once natural landscapes with porous surfaces that trapped rainwater, allowing it to seep, or infiltrate, into the ground, become covered with buildings, rooftops, driveways, sidewalks, streets, and parking lots.

Did you know that impervious surfaces like pavement and rooftops cause a typical city block to produce more than five times as much runoff as a woodland area of the same size?

These hard, relatively smooth, impervious surfaces prevent rainwater from soaking into the ground and replenishing groundwater supplies. Instead, most of it remains above the land surface, where it collects and runs downhill over the smooth surfaces rapidly and in unnaturally large amounts towards streams, rivers, and the Bay.

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Stormwater runoff causes flooding and erosion and carries pollutants like dirt, clay, oil, chemicals, pet waste, and fertilizers into our streams, rivers, and bays without any kind of treatment or purification.

Help Create a Clean Water Future for Alabama!

All of the things that make Coastal Alabama special – seafood-rich waters, beautiful natural habitats and a way of life built on Alabama’s waterways – depend on clean, pollution-free water in our creeks, streams, rivers and bays.

Create a Clean Water Future is a public service campaign to help Alabama residents learn more about stormwater runoff and its impacts; increase demand for stormwater management programs; and provide tools that empower individuals and communities to reduce polluted runoff in our waterways. By joining the Create a Clean Water Future campaign, you are helping protect the Alabama all of us want to pass on to future generations. Visit for more information.