Growths Impacts to Water Quality

Storm runoff

Increased Runoff

The amount of water that accumulates and the speed with which it travels cause flooding and erosion of stream and river banks, pouring sediment into our waters and damaging vegetation and wildlife habitats.

Increased Pollutant Load

Rapid development in Baldwin and Mobile Counties has resulted in increases in population and even greater increases in the area covered by impervious surfaces. This combination increases the amount and variety of pollutants carried into our streams, rivers, and bays, including:

  • Sediments - mostly dirt and clay - from construction sites, cleared surfaces, and eroded stream banks.
  • Oil, grease, and toxic chemicals from motor vehicles
  • Pesticides and fertilizer from lawns and gardens
  • Viruses, bacteria, and nutrients from pet waste and failing septic systems
  • Trash and debris from city streets

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