Major Accomplishments by objective for 2013-2018

Ecosystem Status and Trends
Increase data related to how the estuarine ecosystem responds to anthropogenic stressors

  • Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Mapping (SAV)
  • Comprehensive Coastal Sediment Loading Baseline Analyses
  • Update of Mobile County Soil Survey
  • Uplands and Wetlands Habitat Mapping

Establish process for measuring change in estuarine conditions

  • Mobile Bay Subwatershed Restoration Monitoring Framework

Improve understanding of relationship between biological condition and provision of ecosystem services

  • Restoration Monitoring in the D'Olive Watershed

Ecosystem Restoration and Protection
Improve trends in water quality in priority watersheds discharging into priority fish nursery areas

  • Watershed Management Plan Development
  • Watershed Management Plan Implementation

Improve ecosystem resilience through protection, restoration and conservation of beaches, bays and backwaters

  • Grand Bay Savanna and Lightning Point
  • Fort Morgan Peninsula
  • Western Shore of Mobile Bay
  • Mon Louis Island Tip
  • Living Shorelines and Oyster Restoration
  • Sea Oats Planting
  • Invasive Species Management

Promote/Expand human connections

  • Gator Alley
  • Three Mile Creek Greenway
  • Other Public Access

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
Improve business community understanding of how coastal resources contribute to economic, cultural, and community well-being

  • Community presentations and tours
  • The Create a Clean Water Future Campaign

Increase business support for protecting the estuary/coast

  • Amphibious Assault on Maple Street Canal, Mobile, AL
  • The Osprey Initiative
  • Promoting Low Impact Development Practices
  • The Alabama Oyster Shell Recycling Program

Conserve and improve working waterfronts and preserving fishing communities

  • Alabama Coastal Marine Planning Tool and GIS Inventory of Coastal Resources
  • Cultural Resource Survey of Alabama Coast
  • Green Port

Establish long-term capability of local governments to manage and maintain coastal environmental resources

  • South Alabama Stormwater Regulatory Review
  • Improving Stormwater Management Video Series

Minimize impacts and amount of contaminated stormwater runoff entering coastal waterways

  • Community Clean-Ups
  • Intergovernmental and Community Cooperation

Promote the protection of Gulf-fronting beaches, dunes, and shorelines as a first line of defense

  • The Flight of the Frigate Bird

Education and Public Involvement

Increase awareness of coastal resources supporting what people value most about living in coastal Alabama

  • Special Events

Improve community ability to participate in ecosystem-based management actions

  • Watershed Plan Community Participation
  • Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring
  • Water Rangers Website and Data Portal

Increase citizen actions to mitigate impacts of humans on the environment

  • Strategic Watershed Awareness and Monitoring Program
  • The Coastal Alabama Conservation Corps
  • The Trash Mob

Advocate for issues addressed in the CCMP

  • The Mobile Peninsula Corridor Master Plan
  • Coastal Homeowners' Insurance Reform