Since 2013, the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program and Management Conference Partners have accomplished the following:

Watershed Management Plans
Developed 15 plans for 30 intertidal watersheds
Restored 3 miles of stormwater-degraded streams
Reconnected 71 acres of flood plain
Removed 1 stream from 303(d) impaired list

Over $32 million dollars to manage our estuary resources

Critical Habitats
Protected 4,697 acres of coastal habitat
Placed 814 acres under conservation easement
Managed 1,728 acres to control invasive species

Invasive Species
Eradicated 90,000+ Island Apple Snail egg clutches and adult snails

Restored and stabilized 14.7 miles of shorelines

Removed over 3.6 million pounds of trash from Alabama's estuarine waters

Created of updated 20 access points in Mobile and Baldwin county

Trained 89 active water quality monitors
Installed 60 rain barrel stormwater capture systems

Produced 26 educational videos
Recruited 49 Clean Water Future members
Published 16 issues of the publication Alabama Current Connection