Comprehensive Conservation & Management Plan

NEPs work to implement estuarine ecosystem-based management by characterizing the priority problems in their estuaries and surrounding watersheds, developing Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plans (CCMPs) that list and describe actions to address those problems, and identifying partners, including lead entities, to implement the actions.

In 2018, the MBNEP began the process of updating the CCMP as a requirement of the National Estuary Program Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan Revision and Update Guidelines (EPA, May 2016), which mandates these updates every five years to ensure the plans are relevant and effective. The CCMP Update 2019-2023 reaffirms the goals of the Respect the Connect, based on an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of implementing the strategies of the 2013-2018 Plan. It refines the objectives and suggested activities, improves organization within the strategies, clarifies responsibilities across the Management Conference committees, and provides an overview of activity financing alternatives.

Respect the Connect: Update
2019 - 2023 Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan
Appendix A - Communications Strategy
Appendix B - CVA Matric
Appendix C - Comments Summary
Appendix D - CZARA Management Measure Overview of Watershed Management Planning

Respect the Connect
2013 - 2018 Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan
Assessment of 2002 CCMP Implementation
Assessment of Stressor Impacts on our Coastal Environment
Citizen Input Comments from Community Meetings
Community Attitudes Assessment
Recommendations for Consideration for the Next CCMP
Coastal Planning Summit Raw Data
Post Coastal Planning Summit Survey
Assessing Areas for Restoration and Conservation

The first CCMP was completed and approved in 2002. It consisted of primary objectives which were, in turn, broken into sub-objectives with specific steps of Action Plans suggested for accomplishing each sub-objective. In total, the 2002 CCMP contained 29 specific objectives with 101 implementable steps on the "Path to Success." As of September 30, 2011, of the 101 actions identified in the plan, 11 had been completed, 88 had been implemented on some level, and three were under reconsideration.

CCMP 2002
Volume I
Volume II
Volume III