West Fowl River

A Draft Watershed Management Plan for the West Fowl River Watershed has been released. A public comment period will end on May 1, 2019. All comments should be sent to MBNEP's Watershed Protection Coordinator, Christian Miller, cmiller@mobilebaynep.com.

Final Plan

A Watershed Management Plan is an essential first step in preserving water quality in a relatively pristine, tidally-influenced watershed and mitigating the impacts of future development pressures. The watershed planning process utilizes a stakeholder-led process to characterize existing conditions, identify and prioritize problems, define management objectives, and develop and implement protection or remediation strategies as necessary.

Latest Uploads

West Fowl River Watershed Road Signage Interpretive Signage 2021
West Fowl River Watershed Hydrologic Modeling Technical Reports 2020
West Fowl River Watershed Management Plan Appendices 2019 Watershed Management Plans 2019
West Fowl River/Portersville Bay Pathogen Study Technical Reports 2019
West Fowl River Watershed Sedimentation and Water Quality Assessment Technical Reports 2017

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