Three Mile Creek

Three Mile Creek and its surrounding watershed present an extraordinary opportunity for the Cities of Mobile and Prichard to turn what is now a community liability, due to its degraded condition, into a community amenity and a waterway destination. Throughout the process of developing this Watershed Management Plan (WMP), public input regarding the restoration of Three Mile Creek was incredibly supportive, particularly to make Three Mile Creek an accessible recreational destination.

The purpose of this WMP is to document the current state f water quality and ecology in the Three Mile Creek watershed; evaluate improvement measures and practices that could be implemented; and recommend a prioritized list of actions needed to improve water quality, ecological integrity, and by extension, the quality of life in the watershed. This plan was completed in 2014 and is available to view or download by clicking the links below under Final Plan.

Final Plan

If you have questions about the Three Mile Creek Watershed Management Plan or any related restoration efforts, please feel free contact us.

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