Mon Louis Island

With sediment analyses and watershed management plans completed and a permit received from the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers in March, the NFWF GEBF-funded restoration of the erosion-impacted northern tip of Mon Louis Island began in early July. A temporary access channel was dug on the shoreward side of the 1995 shoreline footprint, with material side cast. A 1,400-foot continuous rock breakwater was constructed from south to north as the access channel was refilled. With breakwater construction completed in early September, dredge activities commenced. Sandy material was hydraulically pumped from the Fowl River Open Water Disposal Area behind the breakwater to an elevation of +3.5 NAVD88 to create a suitable substrate for marsh creation and completed over a one-week period.

In mid-September, dredges moved to the Fowl River navigation channel where maintenance dredging of the neglected and shallow channel to depths of eight to 11 feet was undertaken with funding through a State Deepwater Horizon Impact Grant to refill the FROWDA borrow pit. Dredging operations were completed in October. Final grading, planting, and tidal creek creation will be undertaken in three to six months, in late winter to spring, when placed material has consolidated.

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