Mon Louis Island

The storm-vulnerable, chronically eroded, and habitat-rich northern tip of Mon Louis Island was restored by the MBNEP with funding from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), and Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund (GEBF) and the State of Alabama Deepwater Horizon Impact Fund. The project stabilized the shoreline along its 1995 footprint with a continuous rock breakwater, creating over four acres of salt marsh habitat using dredge material obtained from an open-water disposal area and protecting an additional eight acres of existing marsh. Material obtained from maintenance dredging of the shallow, neglected Fowl River navigation channel was beneficially used to replace borrowed material and avoid water quality impacts. The substrate was planted with native species with help from the Coastal Alabama Conservation Corps to create productive salt marsh to support local fisheries. To learn more about the restoration efforts, visit The Restoration page below.

Latest Uploads

Mon Louis Island Marsh Success Report Technical Reports 2021
Mon Louis Island Shoreline Monitoring Report Technical Reports 2020
Habitat Conservation and Restoration Plan for Coastal Alabama Technical Reports 2019
Mon Louis Island Construction Annual Monitoring Report Technical Reports 2019
Mon Louis Island Marsh Success Report Technical Reports 2019
Mon Louis Island First Annual Post-Construction Monitoring Report Technical Reports 2018
Mon Louis Island Marsh Success Report Technical Reports 2018
Habitat Mapping of Mobile and Baldwin Counties Maps and Schematics 2016
Mon Louis Island Supplement Evaluations of Alternatives Technical Reports 2015
Mon Louis Island Draft Alternatives Evaluation Report Technical Reports 2014
GEMS-Gulf Ecological Management Sites of Coastal Alabama Report Brochures, other 2013
GEMS-Northern Mississippi Sound and Mon Louis Island Brochures, other 2013
Northern Mon Louis Island Engineering Contractors Questions/Answers Fact Sheets 2013
Mon Louis Island Wave Climate Description Presentation - South Coast Engineers Presentations 2012
Coastal Habitat Atlas: Acquisition and Restoration Priorities of Mobile and Baldwin Counties Data 2006
Estimating Wave Tolerance of S. alterniflora in Coastal Alabama Presentations 2004
History of Saint Rose of Lima Mission Mon Luis Island Brochures, other 1971

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