The Values

How did we determine the six values?

In 2010, the MBNEP recognized the need to use citizen input as a foundation for the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan. By basing the CCMP on the values of local citizens, the community is taking ownership of the environmental future of the area. MBNEP hired Research Strategies, Inc. to determine the values and concerns of people living in coastal Alabama.

Five hundred and fifty citizens, randomly selected by zip code across Mobile and Baldwin counties, participated in this assessment. This study was augmented by a series of community organization meetings with the Saraland Chamber of Commerce, Bay Minette Rotary, Fowl River Area Civic Association, North Mobile Rotary Club, both the Baldwin and Mobile County League of Women Voters, Gulf Shores Kiwanis, and Robertsdale Rotary Clubs. MBNEP also held two citizen input meetings in Mobile and Baldwin counties.

Additionally, Auburn University was commissioned to undertake a community values mapping study. Two hundred and sixty-four residents, randomly selected from Mobile and Baldwin counties, identified areas on a map that were of particular value or concern. These responses were compiled into maps displaying "kernel densities" or "hot spots" throughout the two counties related to those values and concerns.

What are the six values?

In sum, these efforts produced input from over one thousand residents. An analysis of this input revealed six common values that are most important to residents for our coastal quality of life:

  • Access - ability to get to water and open spaces for recreation and vistas
  • Beaches and Shorelines - preservation of our beaches, dunes, and shorelines for their beauty and economic benefits
  • Fish and Wildlife - protection and restoration of habitats of fish and wildlife to ensure sustainability
  • Heritage and Culture - legacy of the coastal way of life for future generations
  • Resiliency - capacity of human and natural physical systems to rebound from unforeseen events, protecting beauty
  • Water Quality - safe water quality for drinking, fishing, and swimming placing high value on quality rivers, creeks, and bays