Eight Mile Creek

The goal of the Eight Mile Creek Watershed Management Plan is to make recommendations necessary to bring all water quality parameters within State water quality standards for Fish & Wildlife as identified in Chapter 335-6-10 of the Alabama Code. The overall goal of these efforts is to identify and implement strategies that will lead to the necessary load reductions as determined by ADEM in the TMDL (72% reduction in pathogens for Eight Mile Creek, and a pathogen reduction of 78% for the Gum Tree Branch).

This plan seeks to implement environmentally protective and economically realistic best management practices (BMPs), where practical and technologically feasible, in order to meet or exceed water quality standards. BMP types and numbers prescribed in this plan are recommendations based on current land use practices, land cover, and watershed activities. Voluntary, incentive-based approaches will be used to implement BMPs throughout the watershed. Providing opportunities for local stakeholder input and participation will continue to be a critical BMP implementation component. The Eight Mile Creek Watershed Management Plan was completed in 2011.

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