Ecosystem Status and Trends (EST)

Bocephus resized

This stream in Baldwin County was restored in 2022 to help reduce extreme erosion of the streambanks and decrease the amount of sediment entering Fish River. To evaluate the success of the restoration, we are measuring turbidity and suspended sediment levels in the stream and then comparing them to geologic baselines.

What does biological integrity look like in the Mobile Bay estuary? What monitoring and research is needed to track environmental conditions through time? How do we reduce stressors and communicate resultant biological changes? One of the charges of the Science Advisory Committee is to integrate science into the development of an environmental monitoring program to inform on the condition of the Mobile Bay estuary. It is imperative for this monitoring program to coincide with what citizens value and for data to be communicated to the public so progress on improving or protecting conditions has widespread community support.

For more information on MBNEP and partners' work in Estuary Status and Trends, visit the EST library.