Major Fowl River Project to Begin in July: Public Safety Advisory for Boaters and Recreational Users

Public Safety Advisory:

As construction begins, the MBNEP advises all river users to be aware of the following safety measures and changes:

  • Increased Activity: Expect crews, equipment, and new structures on the river Monday through Friday. Significant construction activity will be present throughout the project duration.
  • "No Wake" Zones: Temporary "No Wake!" signs will be posted to enhance safety. Boaters are urged to reduce speed and exercise caution when navigating through construction zones.
  • Construction Zones: Construction will occur at multiple locations along the river simultaneously to expedite project completion. Please be vigilant and heed all posted signs and barriers.

Importance of the Project:

The Fowl River Project addresses the severe degradation of marsh spits due to saltwater intrusion, sea level rise, and boat wakes. Key components include:

  • Marsh Restoration: Thin-layer sediment placement to raise the elevation of marsh spits, combating the effects of severe weather events and saltwater intrusion.
  • Shoreline Protection: Installation of timber wave screens and limited riprap to protect spits and adjacent seagrass beds, reducing erosion and enhancing habitat.

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