Phase 3 of Three Mile Creek Watershed Restoration Project Set to Begin

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City of Mobile to begin Twelve Mile Creek stabilization March 27

by Keith Lane

Thu, March 16th 2023, 9:08 AM CDT

The City of Mobile will begin work on the first phase of the Three Mile Creek Watershed Restoration project on March 27. This roughly 10-month project will stabilize the existing conditions in Twelve Mile Creek from Museum Drive to University Blvd. to reduce sedimentation, improve water quality and help to protect the area’s marine water resources for future generations.

Later phases of the project will stabilize Twelve Mile Creek from University to East Drive, culminating in the dredging of Langan Lake to improve the conditions of the water and allow new recreational opportunities in Langan Park. This work is being funded through the RESTORE Act.

As the community’s stormwater infrastructure has grown over the past several decades, increased water flow in Twelve Mile Creek has contributed to the degradation of its banks and the destabilization of the creek itself. Over time, significant erosion has caused an increase in sedimentation in the creek and Langan Lake, both of which drain into the Three Mile Creek watershed.

The work in this area will help reduce downstream sedimentation and prevent future property loss from continued erosion. This project is a component of the Three Mile Creek Watershed Management Plan. It is also a companion project to the restoration of the headwaters of Twelve Mile Creek that was implemented by the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program using additional RESTORE Act funds.