NOAA Announces the Completion of the RESTORE Science Plan Framework

NOAA Announces the Completion of the RESTORE Science Plan Framework

NOAA has completed its Science Plan Framework for the NOAA RESTORE Act Science Program. This Framework communicates NOAA's intent, purpose, and rationale for how it will execute the Program according to its responsibilities under the RESTORE Act. This Science Plan Framework will inform the Program's short-term priorities and provide the foundation for the development of a robust Science Plan which will guide program implementation and map the long-term scientific direction of the program.

Input from stakeholders on how to improve the draft version of the Science Plan Framework, released in June 2013, shaped this final version of the Framework. Stakeholders provided their valuable suggestions through our in-person and virtual engagement sessions, meetings, and letters sent directly to the Program.

Acting Director Russ Beard noted, "We carefully considered each comment we received and made changes where appropriate. In some cases, the input focused on topics to be addressed in the full Science Plan and we will be incorporating those suggestions as we develop the full Plan."

Significant changes to the Framework stemming from the input include:

  • The goals for the Program have been revised to address concerns that the goals were too vague and overlapping. We revised the goals to minimize redundancy yet retain enough specificity to ensure we were being responsive to the language of the RESTORE Act.
  • The focus areas have been reordered and described in greater detail to reduce overlap and illustrate how the focus areas relate to one another.
  • The matrix table of activities has been removed. The table was intended to represent a subset of activities that this Program might undertake, but comments we received indicate that it was being read as the exclusive list of activities the Program would undertake. To avoid this confusion, the table has been removed.

This completed Framework will serve as the basis for continued engagement with partners whose science needs will be the driving force in the development and execution of the NOAA RESTORE Act Science Program.

NOAA will develop the full Science Plan for the Program over the course of the upcoming year, using this Framework as a foundation, building upon existing planning efforts, and capitalizing on continued input from our stakeholders and partners.

There will be many opportunities to provide feedback on the Science Plan over the course of its development through workshops, virtual engagement sessions, and a formal comment period. Input is welcome at