Getting to a New CCMP (2013-2018)

Draft CCMP for Comment


The Many Ingredients of the CCMP Pie (.pdf see more)

Situation Assessment for Six Things People Value about living in Coastal Alabama

  1. Access
    2001 Access Points
  2. Beaches
    Shoreline Change Rates.pdf (1996-2008)
  3. Fish
    A Survey of Alabama's Coastal Rivers and Streams for Fish of Conservation Concern
  4. Heritage and Culture
    Alabama Coastal Connection Corridor Management Plan
  5. Resilience (Environmental Health)
    A Community Resilience Index
  6. Water Quality
    Stormwater Perspectives Report
    Stormwater Perspectives Input

The Landscape

Assessing Areas for Restoration and Conservation

Citizen Input

Citizen Input Comments from Community Meetings Coastal Alabama Community Attitudes Assessment GIS Based Value Assessment

The Science

Assessing Impacts of 13 Stressors on Our Coastal Environment

(Values highlighted in yellow or blue indicate stress)

Lessons learned from the last CCMP

A Review of 2002 CCMP Implementation Recomendations for Consideration in the Next CCMP


The Alabama Water Agenda (pdf 2011 see more)