The Restoration

The Watershed Management Team developed the following recommended Management Measures to achieve the goals established for the Bayou La Batre Watershed.

  • Reduce the amount of trash in and entering the bayou and tributaries
  • Reduce nutrients and sediments in stormwater runoff and address nuisance flooding
  • Remove sanitary leaks, Sanitary Sewer Overflows and illicit discharges into the bayou
  • Reduce the occurrence of nuisance and/ or exotic species with focus on the bayou
  • Promote habitat protection, conservation, and restoration
  • Increase citizen access to coastal resources
  • Promote tourism, ecotourism, and diversity the local economy
  • Promote resiliency and adaptive management strategies
  • Address the City of Bayou La Batre's comprehensive planning and development
  • Promote environmental outreach and education

Implementation of the Bayou La Batre Watershed Management Plan will require leadership and substantial funding. To achieve maximum effectiveness, implementation efforts should monitor a variety of management measures and indicators, including but not limited to the following:

  • acres of wetland preserved
  • acres of wetland restored
  • miles or acres of riparian buffer restored
  • acres treated for invasive plant removal
  • number of septic tanks inspected and serviced and/or taken out of service
  • number of alternative on-site sewage disposal systems installed
  • miles of livestock exclusive fencing installed
  • number and type of agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs) implemented
  • miles of waterway restored

In addition, a comprehensive watershed water monitoring system should be designed and implemented to accurately monitor trends in Watershed conditions and parameters. All monitoring activities should be conducted in accordance with the Mobile Bay Subwatershed Restoration Monitoring Framework, and state and federal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). A vital element of the Watershed Monitoring Program will be volunteer citizen participation to enable successful implementation and establish a sense of community ownership within the Watershed.