The Planning

The Mobile Bay National Estuary Program has awarded the WMP contract to a consultant, Volkert Inc., who will work with Louis Berger, and Allen Engineering on the public participation activities.

Project Timeline
The Volkert Team has prepared a schedule that will result in a final Watershed Management Plan Report being prepared within 12 months. We recognize the importance of being flexible and adaptable to changing client needs. We understand that conditions and priorities change over time and that a successful contractor must be able to accelerate activities when requested or adjust to changing priorities.

  • Task 1: Literature and Data Review and Analysis of Available GIS Datasets
  • Task 2: Characterize Watersheds
  • Task 3: Identify Critical Watershed Areas and Issues
  • Task 4: Building Partnerships and Public Engagement
  • Task 5: Finalize Watershed Management Goals and Objectives
  • Task 6: Identify Management Measures
  • Task 7: Develop Implementation Strategies
  • Task 8: Document Financing Options
  • Task 9: Develop Preliminary Cost Estimates
  • Task 10: Develop Monitoring Program
  • Task 11: Prepare Watershed Management Plan

Project Status

  1. Held second round of large community meetings.
  2. Compiled data received from survey monkey.
  3. Finalized watershed management goals and objectives.
  4. Began preparing draft WMP document.
  5. Held third steering committee meeting.

Meeting Information
Meeting 5: June 15, 2016
Meeting 4: April 26, 2016
Meeting 3: April 25, 2016
Meeting 2: December 2015
Meeting 1: September 23, 2015
Pre-Submittal Meeting: May 15, 2015