The Planning

Western Shore Watershed Management Plan StoryMap

Story Map

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The purpose of the Western Shore Watershed Management Plan (WMP) is to guide watershed resource managers, policy makers, community organizations, and citizens to protect the shoreline, water quality and habitat supporting healthy populations of people, wildlife, fish, and shellfish, and providing recreation and economic opportunities in coastal Alabama.

Mobile Bay National Estuary Program has contracted with Goodwyn Mills & Cawood and South Coast Engineers to develop a comprehensive EPS 9-Step Watershed Management Plan (WMP) for the Western Shore. The following tasks are underway and will be completed as the project team evaluates the Western Shore watershed complex.

  1. Community Engagement
  2. Watershed Characterization
  3. Watershed Conditions
  4. Climate Vulnerability Assessment
  5. Identification of Critical Issues and Areas
  6. Management Measures
  7. Implementation Strategies
  8. Regulatory Review
  9. Financing Alternatives
  10. Long Term Monitoring Plan

Plan Vision

The vision of the Western Shore Watershed is a healthy watershed environment by fostering the coordinated effort to protect, restore, and enhance the overall quality of life by preserving and restoring water quality, natural habitats, biological resources, and recreational resources.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Improving water quality and habitats necessary to support healthy populations of fish and shellfish;
  2. Protecting continued customary uses of biological resources to preserve culture, heritage, and ecology of the Watershed;
  3. Mitigating impacts from industrial uses on the watershed, while embracing the economic benefit of resident industries.
  4. Reducing and mitigating impacts of coastal erosion on the shoreline.
  5. Improving watershed resiliency to sea level rise and changing climate impacts; and
  6. Expanding opportunities for community access to the natural resources and waters of Mobile Bay.

The Western Shores Watershed Management Plan is projected to be completed and available online by November 2020.