Cody Aloi, Program Manager / 251-380-7944
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Cody currently serves as the MBNEP Program Manager, where he blends his expertise in entrepreneurship and operations management to optimize the various initiatives under his purview. Leading with a comprehensive approach, he ensures the seamless execution of the program's various facets while constantly identifying areas for innovation and improvement.

Born from a foundation of discipline and dedication, Cody's journey began with an honorable service in the U.S. Navy. This experience instilled values that would serve him well in subsequent roles. After his military tenure, Cody further honed his skills as a security contractor in the challenging landscapes of Iraq and Afghanistan. These high-stakes environments refined his operations management acumen, preparing him for the intricate challenges of program management.

On joining the MBNEP, Cody brought with him this rich tapestry of experiences. His commitment to excellence and his deep-rooted understanding of operations have been instrumental in driving the program's success. With a forward-thinking approach, Cody continues to serve the organization, ensuring its objectives align with the broader goals of environmental preservation and community betterment.