Business Resources Committee

The purpose of this committee is to bring together a balance of interested community leaders from industry, business, environmental services, and the non-profit sector to identify ways of balancing different sector needs and identifying commonalities among sectors; and to identify coastal issues that impact their interests. The Business Resources Committee represents a balance of private-sector interests identifying common environmental concerns and potential solutions to those concerns. This group engages in the following:

  1. Discuss/educate on the issues and how they relate to environmental sustainability (i.e., quality of life, economic opportunities, land management, environmental responsibility, preservation of particular ways of life, maintenance of natural resources, and balancing economic development with environmental sustainability).
  2. Educates others on the committee about individual organizational efforts to address issues.
  3. Engages in constructive dialogue on ways to partner to effect positive results.
  4. Identifies community resources to effectively aid in addressing issues/challenges.
  5. Cooperatively identifies tasks/role for MBNEP in addressing issues of galvanizing action.

Meeting Information

August 10, 2022: Agenda, Minutes
May 18, 2022: Agenda, Minutes, Presentation
February 8, 2022: Agenda, Minutes, Presentation

August 11, 2021: Agenda, Minutes, Presentation
May 12, 2021: Agenda, Minutes, Presentation
February 10, 2021: Agenda, Minutes, Presentation

August 12, 2020: Agenda, Minutes, Presentation
June 17, 2020: Agenda, Minutes, Presentation
April 28, 2020: Minutes, Meeting Recording

March 19, 2019: Minutes

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